We provide financial mediation to different segments of the markets through our bespoke products

  • Personal loan: a collateral free loan to individuals with regular flow of income or individuals who are salary earners.
  • Payday loan: an emergency loan to meet financial needs before payday. This is for salary earners with verifiable proof of employment and evidence of income
  • SME Loan: for entrepreneurs, business owners or registered business looking for working capital to meet financial and operational needs.
  • Invoice Discounting: we enable businesses to gain instant access to cash tied up in unpaid invoices issued by reputable companies/organisations.
  • Lease Facilities: this is for the financing of assets like car, house, home appliances and equipment for personal or business use.
  • Fund management: at CKK Capital, we help our clients to save and invest their funds at favorable rate of interest.
  • Project Finance: offers a short to medium term funding support with flexible and convenient payment options to businesses and contractors of reputable firms working on viable projects.
  • Financial Advisory: CKK Capital offers consultative support and customized financial advisory services to individuals and SMEs.
  • this will depend on you present salary or business performance and the project you have at hand.

    Yes it can but we shall carry you along in the review process

    Our business team will review your request and make you a suitable offer

    Yes. After a minimum of two months repayment

    You will be communicated and we guide you on how to reapply.

    This depends on the type of loan. It may be through direct debit or deduction from source.

    Yes you can after part liquidating.

    Yes you do if you are applying for our personal loan or payday loan

    A top up is a request to increase the principal element of a running facility/loan

    You qualify for a top up after paying down at least 50% of the principal of a running loan

    We carry out due diligence to confirm all the documents and information presented?

    Your BVN (Biometric verification number) is part of a KYC (know your customer) requirement from CBN applicable to all financial institutions.

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